Monday, August 22, 2011

MattMobile Aug 20 Progress Recap

I had originally earmarked Saturday as a very productive day on car tear down. However, when I went out into the garage, something dawned on me: it was a total mess. And I don't just mean it was cluttered, it was filthy. With the recent draining of various fluids from the engine, and all kinds of road dust falling onto the floor during the process, the garage had taken on a very grimy sheen. I can't hang with that. Yes, it may be a never ending battle, trying to stem the tide of filth in an auto work area... but I'm going to fight that fight. I guess it's just the clean freak in me.

To that end, Saturday ended up being clean up day.

My main accomplishment was to box up all the removed parts, hoses, cables and whatnot and put them onto a shelf dedicated to car stuff. Clearing off that shelf was another matter, and involved moving a lot of stuff around, consolidating some items, and also throwing a few things away. I've also got a bunch of stuff for sale on the RPF right now, which has helped a lot. I emptied a couple of white boxes which were filled with toys that I no longer have interest in. Things like the 20th anniversary Tron figures from Neca, and some Justice League figures. Yeah, stuff I just don't have interest in any more, and it got me a few bucks to kick around.

The car itself had also become something of a storage unit. As parts were coming off, I was just lumping them into the car. There was all kinds of sheet metal that I had removed with the reciprocating saw, hoses, and some other junk. All of that is gone now, save for one piece that you can see in this picture.

Here's a pretty good shot of the rear of the car that shows the current state of the tail end.

That rug on the floor was absolutely filthy. I scrubbed it using that same degreaser that I used on the concrete floor, and it cleaned it right up. That is one resilient little rug. You can see that the garage overall is a lot more organized, and the floor has been mopped.

Last photo, you can see where I cleaned up the floor under the engine. It's all nice and clean!

I also carted away a car load of metal, and took it to the dump. It freed up a lot of room, and will no doubt save me from countless cuts on my legs, which are looking pretty torn up right now.

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