Thursday, August 11, 2011

Front Windshield = Smashed.

My new rule is this: Don't trust hillbillies on youtube.

To make a long story short, today I was doing research on getting my front and rear glass removed. I found a place that was going to do it for ninety bucks. Seemed fair, and clean, and safe. Then someone posted a link to a bunch of hillbillies breaking glass on a car. It looked fun, and the glass broke cleanly.

Turns out, it's not fun, and the glass on MY car doesn't break so cleanly.

For reference, this is the tool I got from Amazon that was designed to slice through the seal around the glass, so that it would lift off cleanly. I learned about this ALSO from a youtube video. Time to delete that bookmark.

After about ten seconds of use, the blade snapped clean off. That's why I switched to the smash approach. Right now, I've put about an hour into scraping the glass off, which is not only dangerous, but really not very fun. The other side effect is that there is glass EVERYWHERE. It kind of turns to dust, powder, shards and chunks when broken. I guarantee I will be cursing that decision for weeks to come.

I'm not entirely happy, but the good news is I got much of it on video. So that's something.

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