Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh Noes! I Sawed My Car In Half!

Though today is Tuesday, which is not a regularly scheduled MattMobile work day, my lunch break found me with nothing to do. My original plan was to go out into the garage and just unbolt the remaining connectors between the chassis and the frame.

It took all of ten minutes to get the last six bolts removed, but then I got kind of pumped about sawing the thing in half. I used the floor jack to lift the chassis up, and found a clean path that I could saw through. Five minutes later, this:

And in fantastic news, there's like ZERO rust on the thing. This is clearly a west coast car that has lived a pretty comfy life. I'm very excited by this, especially since I saw a fellow builder discover POST tear down that his frame was too rusted to use.

Here's the piece I removed:

A very productive little lunch break! I even managed to bang out this blog entry before the hour was up!

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