Thursday, August 25, 2011

MattMobile: The MIDDLE Part Is Gone Now

Today was a busy day for the reciprocating saw! After work, I took to the garage and decided the goal for the day was to remove the middle section of the floor pan. Somehow, the front is still attached by some magical screws that I cannot locate. Then again, I didn't really look. But I digress.

All of this took well under an hour. The hard part was the edges. I had to raise up the floor pan on jack stands so that it cleared the huge steel beam that runs the length of the car. That was a little precarious, but obviously it all worked out.

Here is the piece that was removed. I've OFFICIALLY decided that the plan is to call a junk hauler or remover once that last piece of the floor pan is out. It's just too much work sawing up those parts to fit into the trash bins, and I really want to minimize my exposure to the reciprocating saw.

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