Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Tear Down Progress

Today was a very productive day out in the garage. Lots of little things taken care of, and some big advances.

As of now, the interior is totally stripped out. Today I removed the steering column. This was actually much easier than I suspected. I also took out the airbag module, and the brake pedal.

Speaking of brake pedal, I also removed the master break cylinder from the engine compartment.

And then, me and my friend Mr. Reciprocating Saw had a get together with Mr. Crow Bar, and tore off one of the rear fenders. It was fun! Popping spot welds is my new favorite past time.

Here's an overview shot of the current state of the car.

Good stuff! I spent a total of two hours on the car today, which is double what I had planned.

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